Textile Print Designer and graduate from Heriot Watt University. I believe my work achieves an innovative floral print collection that takes inspiration from interior repeat arrangements and decorative borders, aimed for the fashion market. I tend to create a collection which challenges the market, and I achieve this by taking elements which you normally associate with interiors and develop them further to translate them into successful digital fashion prints. I develop designs which dominantly focus on garden roses inspired by archival botanical illustrations and art movements. I explore ways to make them more contemporary, through pop hues mixed with soft pastel colours. I also draw them in my painterly and detailed styled handwriting, but explore ways that I can paint using the watercolours to evoke an emotion. The main emphases of my all collections are the painterly quality of the flowers, the build-up of tone and the soft washed backgrounds. My collections feature an explosion of floral, updates from traditional botanicals to digitally generated blooms in classic wallpaper arrangements and decorative border details.


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